Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honey massage against cellulite!

Honey massage
Honey massage

This method, which came to us from ancient Tibet. It is based on the interaction of the skin and the biologically active substances contained in honey, including the standard mechanisms of action of other types of massage.
Refers to a variety of reflexology - an amazing combination of therapeutic action of honey and massage.

The dramatic improvement of blood flow in the deep layers of the skin and underlying muscles, improves supply the internal organs and tissues.
Honey, giving biologically active substances, adsorbs toxins and facilitates the rapid removal of them from the body. This massage is done to increase lymph flow and cleansing the skin.

Skin after application of honey massage becomes silky, supple and smooth subcutaneous thickening, improving overall health.

The course of honey massage is designed for 15 sessions in a day. It is very important that the massage is carried out every day, namely through the day.

What you need to massage?

Honey - the natural floral, lime or any other, with no additives and are not necessarily sugared.

As a complement to honey can enter aromatic oils: lemon, orange, tangerine, grapefruit oil of juniper, eucalyptus, lavender, petit-Grain.

Calculation - 1 teaspoon of honey - 5 drops of oil or a mixture of oils.
If you do massage thighs and buttocks, just 2 teaspoons of honey and 5 drops of oil.

Examples of mixtures for honey massage:

2 teaspoons of honey, 5 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of eucalyptus, 2 drops of lavender oil
2 teaspoons of honey, 3 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of orange, 2 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of juniper
2 teaspoons of honey, 5 drops of lemon oil, 5 drops of orange
2 teaspoons of honey, 3 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of lavender oil, 5 drops of peppermint

Honey oil is mixed directly before the massage. If there are several oils, the first mixed oil, then add honey and mixed thoroughly.


Honey is applied to the palms of hands and clapping movements is transferred to the massaged area. Leaves of the mixture, the other remains on the hands. If there are several zones - each zone is massed on the queue.

Once the honey is completely transferred to the body, Ladino firmly "glued" to the body and a sharp break away. Gradually, clapping movements should become sharper and stronger. Pressed his hands tightly. Accordingly, and tear them more sharply.

Honey is driven into the skin and the surface is only a thin layer.
Then the hands begin to appear white mass. In the beginning it goes out of his hands and then remains on the skin. And then most of the weight shifts to the palm. Procedure is performed in minutes 5-10.

More honey is washed off with warm water in loose wool. After the massage must lubricate the skin moisturizing cream.

After the massage room left bruises that disappear over time. This should not be afraid. Very painful procedure only the first session, then the skin adapts and massage is much easier.


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Structure of the subcutaneous tissue to deteriorate alarmingly in violation of the metabolism in adipose tissue. Proper nutrition normalizes metabolism and stops the development of cellulite.

# Eat foods rich in fiber (cereals, whole-grain bread, bran), vitamins and mineral components (milk, lean fish, vegetables, fruits). Emphasis - zucchini, carrots, salad, citrus fruits, red grapes and cranberries: they contain biologically active substances, normalizing fat metabolism.

# Drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day - struck cellulite tissue in dire need of so-called drinks: freshly pressed juices, the infusion of wild rose, green tea (not iced - worse than cold water is absorbed). Significant nuance: slake relies a little and always in the intervals between meals - then slag will effectively excreted from the body.

# Forget about the "duty" sandwiches, snacks in haste and fast food! Do not get carried away mono-diet (apple, kefir, etc.), limit salt, chips, greasy and sweet foods.

This system of nutrition and regular visits to the gym helps greatly to get rid of nasty deposits
Enough to be in the peel of an orange! Do not expect to solve the problem and the only way the first time - it requires an integrated approach and patience. Join!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watermelon Diet. For fifteen days minus 9 kg!

GIRLS! Late summer early autumn is the time for watermelons. I suggest everyone to try this diet. Seeking like-minded people. In the meantime, read, reflect, scold or comment.

Watermelon is an excellent diuretic. And if the early watermelon can contain a lot of nitrate, it is well matured, and eaten in a "situation" being nothing but profit, not yield. watermelon diet , as most "extreme" mono-diet, you should not continue for more than five days. During this time you thoroughly get rid of chemical waste, excess water in the body, as well as unwanted salts. The diet is simple: during the day you eat a watermelon at a cost of pounds of pulp per 10 kg of your weight. Pay close attention to their state: in some cases, the body of a watermelon mono-eating react negatively.

daylong : Last day to eat 400-500 grams of pulp in 5 receptions. In hypertension, circulatory failure, nephritis, gout, liver and biliary tract, the number of obesity should be limited to 300-400 grams per day.

Disadvantages diet : You can not hold watermelon diet with kidney stones, diabetes, severe diseases of the pancreas. However, if the second day with you all right (did not raise any weight in the abdomen or bloating or other unpleasant effects) and boldly go on a diet all five days.

After the diet, usually dumped up to three kilograms, go to " watermelon nutrition " for another ten days: For breakfast, eat unsweetened oatmeal and a little cheese. At lunch - a slice of fish, meat or poultry and vegetable salad without fat filling. At dinner - a solid portion of watermelon at a cost of 1 kg of flesh in the 30 kg weight. For fifteen days, you can lose up to 8 kg!



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Monday, September 21, 2009

STRIPED SEASON! We must learn to choose WATERMELONS!

water lemon part
From August 1, officially started the season watermelons. However, in order to enjoy eating "baleen" is not clouded by intestinal disorders, need to learn how to choose watermelons

How not to poison

Statistics in recent years for the fans of watermelons is very encouraging. Doctors say that poisoning striped berries becoming increasingly rare - the last three years in Moscow, there have been no cases. But as they say, better safe than sorry, so before you begin to feast on juicy berries, note the appearance of bought the watermelon.

fruit punctuated with nitrates , if:

● the flesh is dark red, sometimes with a violet tint;

● When cut thick streaks of yellow color (in a normal watermelon veins are thin, white-pink);

● flesh watermelon smooth as polished, it is not visible on the sugar grains;

● lowered into the water a piece of watermelon stains in pink or red color.

However, nitrates - not the only danger, which may be present in watermelon. Watermelon rind absorbs harmful substances, including heavy metals, from the air like a sponge. Watermelon sold gassy near freeways, before you get to see you on the table, time to absorb the huge amount of chemistry. So better to search tent, located away from the highway. By the way, according to the rules, sellers of watermelons do not have to keep your goods on the ground. Each watermelon tent should be equipped with special trays, elevated at least 20 cm above the ground.

Often sellers cut a small clove of watermelon, so that the client was convinced that he got a ripe specimen. Do not allow the trader to make such an incision. Through him in the flesh can get different microbes, and then not to avoid stomach upset. For the same reason not to buy broken and cracked watermelons.

green or red ?

Bring home unripe watermelon - too much frustration, so buying a striped berry, pay attention to the following features:

● As a general rule, ripe melons are quite large and still relatively light for its size.

● The greater the difference between light and dark stripes on the "clothes" of your watermelon, the greater the likelihood that it will be red and sweet. Another "selfish" a sign of maturity - shine. A good melon is able to let sunbeams no worse than a mirror.

● Connoisseurs can tell a ripe watermelon from green through clapping and compression. In an immature watermelon flesh is dense, the sound of her column is distributed with difficulty, so the sound will be louder and louder spanking crack, so will your delicious watermelon dessert.

● At the ripe melons usually have a yellow stain on the side, where the watermelon skin touched the ground until the fruit is not disrupted. In unripened specimens that spot of white.

● If a fingernail to peel a ripe watermelon on it will trace.

Watermelon is rich

B vitamins - to facilitate the smooth working of the nervous system.

Vitamin C - strengthens immunity and fights early aging.

Magnesium - removes from the body excess cholesterol, stabilizes blood pressure, normalizes the liver and kidneys. Potassium - required for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

In watermelon contains:

80% - water;

5-10% - of plant sugars;

10% - fiber;

48 kcal - 100 g pulp.

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Monday, September 7, 2009


nuclear diet
Characterized by a low calorie diet (about 1000 kcal), but plenty of protein and vitamins.

Therefore, it may not be used 1-2 times a week, handling a diet, and within 1-2 weeks.

My diet:

1-and breakfast: half a glass of juice, 1 egg or a piece of cheese, a piece of boiled lean meat or 100 grams of cottage cheese, 1 kus. bread, a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

2-nd breakfast: Quark 150-200 gr. Fresh unsweetened fruit indefinitely. A glass of tea without sugar or a glass of sour milk (yogurt or milk).

Dinner: vegetable salad with vegetable oil or fruit salad. A piece of meat or fish without garnish. Fruits are different, savory or vegetarian soup, 1 slice of rye bread.

Before going to sleep: a glass of warm milk or any beverage fermented milk (kefir, yogurt, etc.); drink slowly in small sips. If it is difficult, you can still eat a packet of cheese or yogurt.
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Friday, August 28, 2009

11 problems, known to every woman.

woman problem
Bad mood

Gloom, constant tiredness, lack of initiative and inability to experience the joy of bygone pleasures - these are the typical symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention to them and to charge that «whirled, overworked». Meanwhile, the depression may be a manifestation of another, more serious diseases - such as anemia, thyroid dysfunction or hormonal problems. By the way, problems with the thyroid gland in women occur much more frequently than men. So even in a bad mood may be a reason to check with your doctor.

Not just in a bad mood

PMS has become the object of many jokes and storys of men, but women know something that is ridiculously low. Of course, the degree of severity varies depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, but the most common symptoms - irritability, and excessive delay of moisture in the body. As a result of a bad mood added to dissatisfaction with their appearance (due to some swelling of the female body may temporarily increase), which only exacerbates the emotional state.

Correct case may an extra helping of vitamins and minerals, to be exact - of magnesium. It also helps produce the hormone joy dopamine and thus level the manifestation of PMS, but at the same time helps to assimilate calcium, potassium and vitamin C, regulates metabolism and provides dental health and heart. It is included in lemons, grapefruits, nuts (especially almonds), apples, beans and green vegetables. Also mgany helps rid the body of excess water.

Unsuccessful epilation

Probably not on earth happy, which never had to take up the wax or razor blades. Unfortunately, not always at home hair removal ends favorably. Ingrown hair, skin irritation, infection, «bitch udder» - with such complaints to a dermatologist come every day, especially in summer when the hair removal has become almost a daily ritual.

Since long-term methods of hair removal may not be available to all (at least at the prices), the doctors advised to be extremely careful about how, during and after epilation, as through tiny cuts in your skin can get dangerous infections. Here are simple guidelines:

• If you removed the hair wax, do not swim in pools or natural bodies of water at least 2 days after epilation.
• Hair under the arms can be removed using ordinary razor without soap and water. Their structure and direction of growth can make it easy and safe. Moreover, because the wound will not be able to get the moisture and particles of soap, from which forms the so-called «bitch udder» or spiradenitis.

Almost every person in their lifetime ever suffered from back pain, but, statistically, women, this attack comprehends much more frequently. Effect, apparently, and pregnancy, and hormonal characteristics, and, yes, even the size of the bust. And the bones weak half of humanity are not as strong as in men: a woman's skeleton begins to lose density for a few years earlier.

However, escape from premature osteoporosis, hernias and stoop, you can use an ordinary physical. And shook his abdominal muscles and have a waist - that they are firmly supported by your spine. A simple exercise like this: Lie on your stomach, lean on your elbows and lift your back due to an abdominal strain (tear myself away from the floor to the shell and the hip, the fulcrum - his knees and elbows). Count to 20 and relax. Repeat 3 times morning and evening.


Many women try to cope with this common disease independently, through a variety of moisturizing creams and feminine hygiene products. But this will only bring temporary relief - the bacteria will remain in the same place and were. The best solution would be to go to the doctor and to pick up antibiotics to treat infections. A self-help relieve symptoms and help ... change of linen. Yes, bacteria candida like synthetics and moisture, so that the cotton and free cut - your best friend.

By the way, is often confused with the milkmaid called vaginosis, it also manifests itself in burning and discharge with a characteristic odor, but does not occur because of infectious contamination, and after the breach of the bacterial balance of genitals. The reason for the latter - again, wrong clothes, the love of sanitary pads, and the frequent use of scented soap. Remember: for intimate places need a special, intimate care.

It is treated vaginosis pills, and, more often, special gels.

Vitamin D

In recent years, oncologists and dermatologists have begun to actively condemn the solarium and tanning in general fascination: that fashion leads to problems with the skin and even cancer. Warnings reached their destination - more and more women refuse to beach holiday, or topped with sunscreen from head to toe. And thus practically deprive themselves of the only good source of vitamin D!

Of course, to overdo sunbathing is not necessary, but their absence would cause substantial harm to health. Vitamin D is necessary, first of all, the bones, as well as the impact on the state of our hair and nails. Deficiency of vitamin A is one of the most frequent causes of early osteoporosis and even rickets in women.

Cherishes its skeleton, but are afraid of cancer? Golden mean - to attend the open without sunscreen, but not more than 20 minutes a day.

«Faded love»

Lack of sexual desire in women - not just a problem of family matters. Yes, not every marriage can withstand problems in an intimate sulfur, but more importantly - for the woman's health Continence anything good, too, does not end there. Atkivnaya sex life is not only a means of protection from depression, but also provides high immunity and a strong heart.

The reasons for decreased libido can be a lot (more about them here). However, the most simple of course - menopause or beforepause period.

This time is usually linked to women and other health problems, so that when you are talking to a doctor with a request to correct your hormonal status, and the mention «intimate» problem - the specialist can help you find the right medication.

Loose bowels

Diarrhea and abdominal discomfort - a typical symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (RSK), which affects millions of women and men worldwide. Naturally, every case «discomfort» to a doctor not going to run, but at least home-treatment methods have skillfully. The main principle, gastroenterologists say - not a dairy and, of course, do not drink milk, for which many of us cling to the belief that it is, they say, «soften». Not at all: for diarrhea intestinal cells that produce enzymes for cleavage of milk, do not work, so that a couple of days you literally can not digest dairy products. And it will press on cream cheese - to tease your colon even more.


The problem we are used to explain the phrase «probably ate something» and treated with activated carbon. Unfortunately, not all so simple: frequent swellings may be indicative of a relatively harmless IBS, and about the «silent killer» - ovarian cancer. If the sense of swelling does not go more than 2 weeks and can not be cured conventional medicine and change of diet, it's time to check with the gynecologist.

Constant fatigue

With such a complaint patients often are sent to a blood test to check levels of iron in the body. If it is too small, then it's anemia, and you need to take supplements with iron. If the norm - you're just tired, "says the therapist.

In fact, the analysis in the normal range can mean the opposite of anemia diagnosis - hemochromatosis. In this genetic disease of the body absorbs the contrary, too much iron, Storage of his in the internal organs, thereby disrupting their work. And because the tests do not show anything unusual, and the disease is often diagnosed late stages, when the injury is very high. If you suspect, however, the disease is easy to install and cure.

Premature aging

The appearance of wrinkles and gray hair - a natural process, but do we like them to slow down and speed up, without knowing it.

For example, the famous «provocateur» aging skin is smoking. And recently, scientists have advanced the theory that aging contributes sweet. Products with rapidly digestible carbohydrates and greatly raise the level of sugar in the blood, the body can not effectively cope with it, and this leads to the formation of free radicals - they and destroy the cells in our body, the old tissues and organs. So, if you are afraid prematurely wrinkled, less often try to pamper yourself with chocolate and pastries. Change them to the fruit and nuts.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

13 good habits for slim body

girl body
The desire of women to the ideal is indestructible, and the period of his aggravation necessarily occurs in the spring. I want contributed to your good purposes, giving some relevant recommendations. Perhaps some of them you do not seem new and even banal. But the secret of beauty lies in their implementation, rather than knowledge. And if you're reading this, it means that not all comply with the rules. And therefore - read, remember and turn them into their favorite habits.

1. Morning
Immediately after you wake up drink a glass of mineral water or (if there are no problems with the stomach), the following vitamin cocktail: 2 tsp. natural apple cider vinegar + 1 tsp honey in a glass of boiled water. Ideally, if you sit down to lunch in 20-30 minutes after the procedure.

What does this leave us? Water, drunk immediately after waking, helps cleanse the body of toxic substances accumulated in it during the night and wakes up "the body, triggering all of its functions.

Result: good health and well-honed work of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Breakfast
As part of a healthy breakfast should include protein (eggs, cheese, yogurt) and carbohydrates (cereals and vegetables). Especially in the morning to avoid coffee and strong black tea. You can replace them with drinks on the basis of chicory, wild rose extract (containing vitamin C) or dill (a good diuretic and helps to lose weight), as well as green tea. Try to eat only low-fat cheese and yogurt, do not neglect fresh fruit and never add sugar to the porridge. Avoid white bread and baking: an excellent option for a morning cheese sandwiches - rye bread or a thin slice of bread with added bran.

What does this leave us? A handsome portion of protein and fiber stimulates the brain, stomach, intestines.

The result: a charge of vivacity and increased efficiency for the whole day.

3. Dinner
If your breakfast was tight, try not too zealous in lunch: salad or fresh vegetables + a piece of fish or chicken will be an excellent option. At the same time, avoid alcohol and heavy meals - they can deprive you of good health for the rest of the day.

What does this leave us? Many fiber-enriched with vitamins and trace elements, so useful for health and beauty, protein for strength and a little carbohydrate and fat - the perfect balance of food.

The result: a high level of physical and mental activity with a minimum of calories derived.

4. Late Dinner
It should be more modest, since the night we need the least amount of calories. The best way to dine as soon as possible. If you plan a hike to the restaurant, try to eat something before this - drink a glass of kefir. This muffle your sense of hunger and slightly to reason with you during the selection of dishes in a restaurant. Incidentally, in the menu, pay close attention to the salads without dressings, meat or fish, steamed and raw or steamed vegetables. Never eat cheese and desserts.

What does this leave us? Low calories before going to sleep and the possibility of a good rest.

The result: a slim figure, a fresh complexion, good spirit and body.

5. Snacks
It is known that there is a bit better and more often than to eat a lot at once. Foods in this case it is better digested, and digestive system does not overwork. In order to digest each serving of food, your body burns around 200 calories, so eating more frequently, you are unlikely to recover. A useful and at the same time a light snack option may be: nuts without salt and sugar, dried fruits - raisins, prunes, dried apricots, fresh fruit and vegetables, grain bread with cheese, a glass of juice (without sugar), yogurt, a jar of yogurt, etc. can not refuse to dinner (lunch, etc.), except that you really do not want to eat. Eat regularly at the same time so that the body is used to show the feeling of hunger until the appropriate time.

What does this leave us? Regular meals helps to avoid «brutal» hunger, provoking us to gluttony.

Result: the maintenance of good physical shape and smooth operation of the digestive system, providing excellent skin and hair.

6. Water
Remember to eat does not mean to eat constantly! If you suddenly feel hungry or want something «sweet» - eat only natural products that kill hunger. And the best of them - water. Drink as much as possible. Whenever you feel the emptiness in the stomach, fill it with mineral water (low in sodium and better still). Drink it well during the meal. This will give you an instant feeling of satiety. Warning Black tea, coffee, packaged juices, carbonated soft drinks does not carry all those useful qualities of which mentioned above. Instead, regular use of them - from the category of bad habits, from which you want to get rid of. Especially harmful drinking tea and coffee for breakfast. Our blood really does not need to poison the early morning! Much more useful to drink green tea, herbal infusions, or clean water. If you can not decide on this, then at least drink a very weak or better - decaffeinated coffee.

What does this leave us? Water not only washes away from our body of harmful substances and contributes regular chair, but also nourishes the skin with moisture, and thus prevent its aging.

Result: see above.

7. Fish
So often, as soon as possible, eat the fish instead of meat. From the fish do not get fat, it contains less toxins and more mineral salts. It is also easier to digest. You can bake or cook for a couple.

The most simple, useful and tasty version of cooking fish: wrapped portions (or small scale whole carcass) in foil, pre-and season it with salt and bake in oven until ready. Meanwhile, prepare sauce: in kefir or natural yoghurt, add finely polished cucumber, garlic clove, dill, salt and pepper. All how to mix. To submit a final fish sauce and lemon wedges. I assure you it tasted like a dish, you will forget about the passing hand of bread (if you still do not get rid of this habit), and estimate the speed of preparation and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen - thanks to foil dishes much less to wash! On the diet side of the question, I think you might have guessed.

The least fat varieties include cod, pollack, hake, pollack, perch (less than 2% fat). Herring, mackerel, sturgeon contain up to 20% fat, which certainly does not contribute to the elegance of our lines.

What does this leave us? Mass is micro-and macro-elements, including those required as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iodine.

The result: an excellent skin and hair - strong bones, teeth and good vision.

8. Alcohol
Avoid any alcohol. It is harmful for health and for the figure. Impossible to lose weight, regular alcohol abuse, even if you eat a little while. If from time to time, you allow yourself to drink a glass of wine, then fill it to half and drag the pleasure of the whole meal. Pour a glass of water and also drink two drinks at a time.

What does this leave us? Whatever may be said on this occasion and the French Caucasian centenarians, the fact remains - alcohol contains too many calories to be a constant companion of our dinners or lunches. In addition, the undeniable truth, which states that alcoholic drinks and plenty of spices provoke inflammation in our skin. So is it worth it to use over and without, while reducing the reception of useful and no calories water? To solve this issue must each of you individually, but remember that reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages will give you: a beautiful body and smooth skin.

9. Fasting days
Once a week, try to arrange a discharge day. Thus you can drink unlimited amounts of water and drink plenty of pre-defined product. For example, it could be any fruit (excluding bananas), vegetables (not potatoes), dairy products (fat content not more than 5%, and even better low-fat), fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

If you're on the eve of feast, the next day like no other to help restore order in the body - because of the large quantities of food metabolism is accelerated and the following «hungry» day will allow you to throw off more than you just «ate».

10. Close
Nurture your family members. If they are, without a break to eat pies and cakes, or fried food, you will be very difficult to keep to a diet. Share with them the skills developed, hoping that they too have changed their cooking habits. They are from this will be only better. Pay attention to how to eat your children. From an early age to accustom them to a healthy diet that is included them in the habit of a lifetime: that childhood personality is formed, accumulate information about the world. Adult behavior is always a reflection of his childhood experiences and habits. Teach your children to learn what is good for them, and love it. Do not comfort or encourage them with food, especially sweets. It is easy to pacify the child, pushing in to his mouth a roll or a bottle. It is much harder to do so by playing and practicing them. And this you can use for themselves: in this way you will strengthen family relations, expand horizons, and can even open in a previously unknown talents.

What does this leave us? Not only us but all members of our family, it gives the most important - health.

Result: self-evident.

11. Home
Free buffet from all products, from which grow fat: cakes, chocolate and sweets. Wanting to eat a bit sweet, but not having anything suitable on hand, you may be able to forget that such things exist at all. Always keep a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, so do not be tempted during a sudden attack of hunger on unsold candy, or any other useless (even harmful) carbohydrates and fats and does not replace the very useful and tasty vegetable salad on the traditional side dish - pasta, rice, potatoes.

What does this leave us? Guarantee that the random calories will not get so easily in our body.

Result: not requiring effort and manifestations of will power to maintain harmony.

12. In store
Study in detail the labels. That way you can avoid products containing harmful substances or those from which you run the risk of gaining weight. Pay attention to the fat content in milk and cheese that you buy. To check how much salt or baking soda contains mineral water which you drink, make sure it does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. Check the date of manufacture and expiry. Do not hesitate to ask someone to make the product has been made and of what quality. Buy only lean meat and poultry before cooking to remove the skin. Choose unrefined oil. Vitamins, which it contains, are not destroyed in the process of refining. Forget about the existence of desserts. They are too fat and is bad for digestion. Avoid too salt products that have passed several stages of processing (egg, canned goods and ham). Try not to buy sausages and smoked meats - they put it mildly, is not useful (to replace them baked in the oven with beef). If you still can not abandon these delicacies, try to take those that are made by technology, GOST, and wrong - it saves you from the use of vegetable protein (ie soy - it is now, for the most part, genetically modified), as well as other «fashionable» additives manufacturers for efficient and cheap to achieve the desired color, texture and taste. Beware of "hidden" sugar: sauces, condiments (ketchup, hot sauce), products containing preservatives, ready-made meals of cereals, fruit yogurts, juices, liqueurs, sweet wines. You go around the stalls selling small items such as chewing gum. Despite its hype, it is not useful because of the long chewing it pointless to increase the secretion of saliva, thereby preparing the stomach to take food that does not exist. Thus, chewing gum stimulates the appetite.

What does this leave us? Good health, harmony and a clear knowledge of what goes into our bodies.

Result: health, health, and again health.

13. physical form and weight
Daily gymnastics. Let this be the same habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning.
Regularly control your weight, but not hysterical. Do not weigh more than twice a week. Weigh yourself always on the same scales, before breakfast, or leaving the toilet, without clothes or always the same.
If you weigh yourself every day, you will notice that your weight can vary within a single day without any special reasons for a few hundred grams.
This phenomenon is caused by different water content in the body, which in turn depends on various physiological mechanisms (changes in lifestyle, early menstruation, body temperature). No one has a constant weight. Typically, it fluctuates within one to two kilograms. Mania weighing can only enter into a depression or vice versa - for causeless joy.
It is better to be weighed, or, rather, verified by the clothes: the volume of the belt means much more than weight. This is especially so when you do gymnastics, because muscles are heavier than fat. And then you can weigh more, losing more inches in the waist and hips.

What does this leave us? Awareness of their shortcomings appearance (and in the future - the merits), and its gradual correction.

Result: The subject of all (or most) of the above advice he will not be slow to appear and will surpass all your expectations!


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